Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where are the earlier 360P episodes?

So maybe you've noticed that the comic episodes on XBOX.ca start at number 5 and you'd like to read the earlier ones. Well, I can't guarantee you'll get the jokes (because most of them were private between Jade (XBOX Canadian community manager) and myself, but here they are.

Ep1: The E3 Entry
This is the comic that started everything.

Ep2: Booth Babes
This quickie was basically made to show Jade I didn't have any hard feelings after she told me that I didn't win the contest (although, in retrospect I would have made a much better E3 informer). She did tell me, however, that she'd call me after E3 to talk about a new, special project!

Ep3: Lost or Forgotten
E3 came and went and still no call from Jade. Well, what is a guy to do but assume that she wanted some more comics! I drew this up as a friendly reminder that I was still patiently waiting her call. This is the first comic where I decide on a more formal format.

Ep4: Achievement Unlocked
Now it's weeks later and still no call. Now I'm starting to think that she just too, uh, busy for me. Aside from a horrid render of Jade, this comic also features the final appearance of Devil Bat. After working on multiple new character designs, DB ends up being replaced in the roster with (the more Canadian) Mackenzie the Beaver. Jade asked me to make sure DB comes back some day, but we'll just have to wait and see about that!

And a few days after that we finally managed to have a little chat. The fruits of that conversation are the comics you'll be finding on XBOX.ca in the coming months. And that, my friends, is how 360P started. I hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.