Sunday, October 29, 2006

Episode 11 Delivered... end of an era

You know, I haven't always drawn online comics. On the contrary I'm actually a very well established designer. This entire process is very new to me. While drawing comics does share a few similarities to designing other things on computer, one of the fundamental differences is the 'script'. This 'script' is becoming one of the more challenging aspects of creating the comic.

In actuality, I rewrote the script about a dozen times before finally getting something that I could work with. It was almost as if I couldn't narrow down which source material from X'06 would fit in the best. At a few points Major Nelson made an appearance, then Mark and Jerry from Epic Games, and even my girlfriend (who will be showing up very soon). So who made it in, in the end? Well I'm obviously not going to tell you, but you'll see soon enough.

What is this ending era we allude to? THE END OF FREAKIN' TRILOGIES IN 360P!!!