Thursday, October 19, 2006

X'06 Show Report

Maranda (HotelQueen) and I strolled into the Brant House around 3pm. As you walk in the door, the new Tony Hawk game is staring you in the face. A quick glance left and you're confronted with the Gears of War multiplayer area. Delicious. We had some solid time to bum around and play games before we heard that there was a lineup of 150 people waiting to get in. My fellow fanboys had arrived!

The games were, of course, awesome. Well, most of them were anyway. Probably the biggest, pleasant surprise of the show was Shadowrun. It doesn't look like much, but wow is it ever fun. Teleporting around adds a lot of interesting dynamics to the FPS genre. I'm going to have to keep my eye on it from now on.

Rainbow Six Vegas was high on my priority list and I'm happy to report that it feels like the R6 games of old. A lot more realistic. They were showing the Dante's Casino single player level. I also had a chance to talk with one of the Ubisoft developers about PEC 2.0. If you recall, PEC was introduced into Lockdown and only for adversarial mode. Exclusive info: PEC 2.0 works for all (all!) multiplayer modes in Vegas. Adversarial, co-op, whatever. Fantastic!

Near the end of the show I had the opportunity to get some serious play time with Gears of War. I was excited for this game, but now I'm craving it like an addiction. It really does look fantastic. I can't really say much about this game... it's just unbelievable fun. If you're not hyped about this game; you should be.

Other games we played:

  • Viva Pinata (could be fun, need more time)
  • Import Tuner Challenge (too slow)
  • Splinter Cell Double Agent Single Player (fun!)
  • Forza 2 (w00t! racing wheel!)
  • Crackdown (jumping is fun!)
  • Sonic (blech!)
  • DOA Extreme 2 (pr0n)
Also present at the show was Mark Reine, Jerry O. (both from Epic Games) and Major Nelson. I had opportunities to talk to all three and they were all fantastic guys. They showed us the all new 60 second spot for Gears (world premiere). Maranda actually recorded most of it (not understanding that she wasn't supposed to) but I've deleted it. SO YOU CAN'T HAVE IT! Believe me, it was awesome.

The show ended with Maranda, Major Nelson and I walking back to the hotel laughing at fanboy antics. Great show, thanks Microsoft!

Edit: Oh, I also had dinner with Greenskull and his Dad. Good times!

Edit #2: Forgot to mention that a guy from MSDN Canada interviewed me for an upcoming podcast. I'll have details on that soon.