Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ep10: X'06 Toronto - Part 3/3

Our trilogy is at a close. As I mentioned previously, I had a lot of difficulty wrapping this one up. Script after script was rejected before I decided to fall back on the original joke of the comic.

On another note, I've been chatting it up with the fine folks on the forum. They have a solid, international and very friendly community. I know a lot of you use their services so why not stop by and say hi.

Stay tuned for our Gears of War extravaganza!

EDIT: Oh, the new Zune site is online. I've had the opportunity to play with one of these... very sexy. Sinnix likes and Maranda has been bugging me for something to listen to her music when she starts taking the baby for walks. I think we have a winner.