Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy 200th Podcast Major

I mentioned earlier that way back at X'06, I had the esteemed honour of spending a rather significant time with Larry Hryb - Director of XBOX Live Programming, better known as the infamous Major Nelson. One of the conversation topics was his upcoming 200th podcast. I can tell you that back then, he didn't really have much idea what he was going to do. Maranda and I can take credit, however, for urging him to do something special.

I don't know if that last part is true, but it sounds good so let's run with it.

Anyway, to help him add a little whiz-bang to this occasion I sent him a comic. Now, obviously, this is the greatest thing ever... it makes me wonder what he's going to follow it up with later tonight!

On another note... to my fellow Canucks: Did you know that you can go to instead of There is a difference! There is a Canadian community team working just for you so be sure to come by and check often.

Now it's back to work on Emergence Day. Ciao for now!