Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Apple iPhone

In case you haven’t heard, and I admit this is the last blog you should check for information on gadgetry, Apple has finally introduced the iPhone.

The crowd goes wild.

I can’t say that I’m a huge supporter of Apple. To be honest, while I find their products to be phenomenal, their restrictive DRM gets in the way of my everyday life and I do my best to avoid the iTunes store as often as I can. It is products like the iPhone that just may change all that.

A funny thing happened here at the office after it was announced; a conglomerate of geeks appeared in our break room to discuss this new marvel. Unanimously agreed to be the hit of CES. Many things were said in that impromptu gathering and I’d like to bring a few of them up here.

We pretty much all agreed that if this doesn’t change cell phones forever, nothing well. But dammit, it better change because the truth is here. Cell phones are a stagnate industry where they obviously employ too many engineers and not enough designers and no one ever thinks of the end user. You can darn well be sure they’re starting to think about it now. Apple has done what they do best; they’ve created a killer (and expensive) product that will no doubt be imitated to death… and that’s what excites me. As a professional designer, following Apple is a must. They are one of the definitive trend setters when it comes to many aspects of design: industrial design and human interfacing stand out. Where they blaze a path, others will follow and stumble along hoping that maybe, one day, they’ll creating something half as good.

So wake up cell phone industry, Apple has spoken and they’ve shown you the future. It is, quite literally, time to think different.