Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's like my birthday, only better

I am super excited. Not only are all the components of my new computer arriving today (I'll post pictures later) but I've just learned that a single-player demo for GRAW 2 is now available on XBOX Live Marketplace.

Maranda and I never got around to finishing it, but we did have a 360P games of the year post going a while back in draft form (maybe I should finish that up?). The original GRAW was my runner-up for Game of the Year. I really loved the online co-op play in that game and all my friends are super excited for the March release of GRAW 2.

The great thing about GRAW was that they really nailed all the important features to online play. Good achievements, split-screen over live, character customization, and fun gameplay. I am literally giddy thinking about the mysterious improvements they're adding in the next installment of the Ghost Recon franchise.

Also, 360 Prophecy episode #13 production is well underway. You can expect to see it on (hopefully) mid-February.