Monday, February 19, 2007

It's almost time for Co-Op!

I spent the entire weekend with Crackdown and managed to level all my skills to four stars, clear out Los Meurtos and Volk, and pick up a few of the juggling achievements. All in all, the game is still great. What I’m looking forward to most is tomorrow’s North American release. Why, you ask? Because you can fully expect me to jump into your games unexpectedly and throw trucks at you. ;)

While I’ve been having a blast with the single player experience, what I’ve missed out on is having community people to play with. If you’re looking for a co-op partner and you’re not already on my friends list, send Sinnix (that's me!) a friend request and append the message “Crackdown!”.

Here’s another thing I didn’t realize at first that new Crackdown owners should be aware of. Get your strength skill up early. Not only does it allow you to throw cars around, but for every level of strength that you have, you gain an extra health bar. This is a little tidbit of information I wish I had earlier on.

Episode 14 of 360P is now complete and will be heading off to MS later this evening. I’m guessing Ep. 13 is going up tomorrow. It’s an educated guess though, based off the subject matter. *cough* Crackdown *cough*