Monday, February 19, 2007

Powered by Google

It's no secret that I am a huge advocate of cool technology. Increased love is especially given to web based technology. I was, after all, a web developer for a very long time before moving into my role as chief media designer. This blog is powered by Google's blogger service, my RSS reader of choice is Google's RSS Reader, and I make constant use of Google's Docs and Spreadsheets application.

I was listening to Major Nelson's most recent webcast this morning and he mentioned that he too uses Google's RSS reader. He asked his army of dedicated listeners if they would be interested in seeing some of the stuff he reads via the sharing feature built into the software. I replied to his thread saying, "Hey, you should just put a little gadget into your website that lists the shared items feed. I'm going to be putting one into 360P's new design!"

And then I thought, "Wait... I can do that now". And so I did.

Now if you look in my right column you'll find the last five items that I've shared from the zillion or so feeds that I subscribe to.