Monday, March 05, 2007

so tired

Where have I been? WHERE HAVE I BEEN? As if you have to even ask! Oh... sorry... I misunderstood. You want to know where episode 14 has been! Well apparently comic certification is modeled after XBLA certification and it's taking some time. (Just kidding MS, I heart you!)

Since we've last talked I'm happy to report that Episode 15 is now on it's way to the orbital headquarters awaiting Bill's personal signature. I heard he signs Billy G. Not only that but our new ultra-website is also nearing it's monumental release date. That's something that doesn't need to be certified, so when it's ready it will be up (we're very close now)! New features will include awesome.

On a more personal note, I'm rushing like a mad-man to get all this done. Maranda's due date has now come and gone with no baby to show for it. I've been told that my free time will dwindle after a baby is requiring my attention. Also, I bought a freakin' minivan. Shoot me. Golly gee I'm so not cool anymore. To feel my quickly fading youth I need to drive around in my Dad's sports car... when he lets me. *sigh* Don't laugh buddy... it will happen to you one day!

I did find the time to grab the elusive "complete all levels in co-op" achievement in R6 Vegas last week, as well as I finally managed to get some time with Call of Duty 3. It's a fun, although simplistic game. It kind of reminds me of Halo 2... in 1940s Europe. The multiplayer is nice when you just want to let loose and blow stuff up. Although, I have to admit I'm not very good at it. This week I'll be picking up GRAW2. Ghost Recon is, and has been since it's initial release on PC 200 years ago, my favourite gaming franchise. Look for my impressions, and hopefully a new website this weekend.

Unless I've got a baby, in that case I'll be too busy trying to get him/her to learn the basics of the FPS. Cheers!